Configure Load-Balancer-as-a-Service (LBaaS)

  1. Install Neutron Load-Balancing-as-a-Service

    # yum install python-neutron-lbaas
  2. Enable the MidoNet driver

    Enable the MidoNet driver by using the service_provider option in the /etc/neutron/neutron.conf file:

    service_provider =
  3. Enable the LBaaS plug-in

    Enable the LBaaS plug-in by using the service_plugins option in the [DEFAULT] section of the /etc/neutron/neutron.conf file:

    service_plugins =

    When using multiple service plugins, separate them with commas:

    service_plugins = foo,bar,
  4. Enable load balancing in the dashboard

    Follow the instructions in LBaaS Newton documentation.

  5. To finalize installation

    Finalize the installation as described in Neutron Controller Node Installation.

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