Tunnel Zone

Ensure that the hosts running the MidoNet Agent have been added to the tunnel zone and are alive.

# midonet-cli

midonet> list tunnel-zone
tzone tzone0 name tz type vxlan

midonet> tunnel-zone tzone0 list member
zone tzone0 host host0 address
zone tzone0 host host1 address
zone tzone0 host host2 address
zone tzone0 host host3 address

midonet> list host
host host0 name host-a alive true
host host1 name host-b alive true
host host2 name host-c alive true
host host3 name host-d alive true

Check if packets are transmitted over the tunnel interface, and ensure that there are no errors or dropped packets.

Check the tnvxlan-overlay port in case of VXLAN protocol, or the tngre-overlay port in case of GRE protocol.

# mm-dpctl datapath --show midonet | grep tnvxlan-overlay
Port #x 'tnvxlan-overlay' VXLan Stats{rxPackets=24170772, txPackets=45160026, rxBytes=1628556667, txBytes=30598767320, rxErrors=0, txErrors=0, rxDropped=0, txDropped=0}
# mm-dpctl datapath --show midonet | grep tngre-overlay
Port #x "tngre-overlay" Gre Stats{rxPackets=508157678, txPackets=398704120, rxBytes=291245619484, txBytes=318474308439, rxErrors=0, txErrors=0, rxDropped=0, txDropped=0}
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