MidoNet Agent

The MidoNet Agent (Midolman) writes log messages to the /var/log/midolman/midolman.log file.


During troubleshooting periods, you can increase the logging level via the mn-conf utility.

The available log levels are: DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR


In production environments it is not recommended to enable DEBUG logging due to impact on performance, unless it’s really required. If possible always first use mm-trace (see the section called “mm-trace”) which has no performance impact.

 Single Host

To check the currently configured level for a certain Agent host, execute the following command on that host:

$ mn-conf get agent.loggers.root
agent.loggers.root = INFO

To increase the log level for this host to DEBUG, execute the following command:

$ echo "agent.loggers.root : DEBUG" | mn-conf set

This change applies immediately and does not require an Agent restart.


It is also possible to increase the log level globally (i.e. for all Agent hosts) by changing the default template’s value:

$ echo "agent.loggers.root : DEBUG" | mn-conf set -t default

Note that if a host has a local log level configured, this will have higher priority than the template configuration.

To see the current template configuration, execute the following command:

$ mn-conf get agent.loggers.root -t default
agent.loggers.root = INFO
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