MidoNet Cluster

The MidoNet Cluster writes log messages to the /var/log/midonet-cluster/midonet-cluster.log file.


During troubleshooting periods, you can increase the logging level via the mn-conf utility.

The available log levels are: DEBUG, INFO, WARN, ERROR


In production environments it is not recommended to enable DEBUG logging due to impact on performance, unless it’s really required.

 Single Host

To check the currently configured level for a certain Cluster host, execute the following command on that host:

$ mn-conf get cluster.loggers.root
cluster.loggers.root = INFO

To increase the log level for this host to DEBUG, execute the following command:

$ echo "cluster.loggers.root : DEBUG" | mn-conf set

This change applies immediately and does not require a Cluster restart.


It is also possible to increase the log level globally (i.e. for all Cluster hosts) by changing the default template’s value:

$ echo "cluster.loggers.root : DEBUG" | mn-conf set -t default

Note that if a host has a local log level configured, this will have higher priority than the template configuration.

To see the current template configuration, execute the following command:

$ mn-conf get cluster.loggers.root -t default
cluster.loggers.root = INFO
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