Chapter 1. MidoNet overview

MidoNet is a distributed, de-centralized, software-defined virtual network platform for Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

MidoNet fully virtualizes the network functionality for IaaS products, such as OpenStack, providing functionally advanced, robust, scalable, and secure networks. MidoNet is an overlay network that runs software on standard x86 servers, and sits on top of any scalable network underlay (for example, physical servers and switches), pushing the intelligent network functions to the edge of the network, in software.

MidoNet sends virtual network traffic over tunnels created between the edges. The tunnels encapsulate the packets coming from virtual machines (VMs) and exterior ports, and decouple the virtual network traffic from the physical network. With this model, changes in the virtual network, for example, creating new virtual machines, don’t affect the state of the underlay network. In addition, this clear separation between the virtual and physical networks allows the administrator to more easily maintain the IaaS platform.

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