Chapter 4. Resource Models

This section specifies the representations of the MidoNet REST API resources. Each type of resource has its own Internet Media Type. The media type for each resource is included in square brackets in the corresponding section header.

The 'POST/PUT' column indicates whether the field can be included in the request with these verbs. If they are not specified, the field should not be included in the request.

The Required column indicates is only relevant for POST/PUT operations. You should not see any entry for 'Required' if the 'POST/PUT' column is empty. When the Required value is set, it will have indicate whether the field is relevant for POST, PUT or both. Required fields need to be included in the request to create/update the object. Note that fields may be required for PUT but not POST, and viceversa. In this case it will be indicated in the specific cell for the field.

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