Adding a Remote MAC Entry (Endpoint) to the Multi-site Network

The last step in configuring peering across sites is by adding remote MAC entries in the gateway devices' remote MAC tables. These entries tell the gateway device (and in turn the VTEP router) how to construct the VXLAN header. Each entry represents an endpoint in the remote site. In this particular scenario, it is another VTEP router, but it could be a particular port of a VM or a router.

The following adds remote MAC entries in the gateway devices:

Site A

# neutron gateway-device-remote-mac-entry-create \
   --vtep-address \
   --mac-address 6F:E4:5A:FA:8E:09 \
   --segmentation-id 100 \

Remote MAC Entry ID: 32f2f11c-a7f2-11e5-84a0-0242ac110001

Site B

# neutron gateway-device-remote-mac-entry-create \
   --vtep-address \
   --mac-address 16:B7:B5:A4:57:75 \
   --segmentation-id 100 \

Remote MAC Entry ID: 4a415f8a-af8a-11e5-aa04-1b22bb4b3872

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