The entire configuration of MidoNet is stored in ZooKeeper, however operators need to point mn-conf itself to the ZooKeeper cluster. The same is true for any MidoNet processes, such as its agent. They will fetch configuration from ZooKeeper but need its address to bootstrap that process.

Bootstrap configuration is read, in order of preference, from these sources:

  • The MIDO_ZOOKEEPER_HOSTS and MIDO_ZOOKEEPER_ROOT_KEY environment variables.
  • ~/.midonetrc
  • /etc/midonet/midonet.conf
  • /etc/midolman/midolman.conf (for backwards compatibility).

These files should have .ini format, and look like this:

zookeeper_hosts =
root_key = /midonet/v1

Do not modify the root key unless you know what you are doing.

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