Storing state keys locally on persistent disk on the agents is enabled by default starting from MidoNet v5.2.1. State keys are stored under the /var/db/midolman/flowstate directory by default (see Advanced Configuration Options section for options to change it). Each active port on the MidoNet Agent will have a local file under this directory identified with the UUID of the port.

Each of these files contain the associated flow state keys in binary compressed format. These files are of fixed size according to the configuration and implement a log rotation mechanism by which older keys are overwritten by new keys when the file is full so we don’t waste storage space.

The Flow State Storage configuration can be inspected and customized using mn-conf(1). The relevant keys start with agent.minions.flow_state.


After changing the Flow State Storage configuration, you must restart the MidoNet Agents on the affected controller or compute nodes for the changes to take effect.

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