Configuration sources

mn-conf can store and manage a few different configuration documents:

  • Node specific configuration. These contain configuration keys that will apply only to a particular MidoNet node, identified by its UUID.
  • Configuration templates. These are chunks of configuration, stored by a user-given name that can be assigned to a set of MidoNet nodes.
  • The "default" configuration template. Configuration keys found here will be used by every MidoNet node in the system. But only if the first two sources don’t override their values.
  • The configuration schemas. These are read only and contain default values and documentation strings for every configuration key in MidoNet. The defaults found in these schemas will only apply if they are not overriden by one of the higher priority sources.

A single mn-conf command will dump the schemas, effectively getting the full list of all existing MidoNet configuration keys, their default values and their documentation:

$ mn-conf dump -s
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