router peering details 1555x888

When VM in Site A sends an IP packet to VM in Site B, the packet appears as follows when it egresses SiteAGatewayDevice:

  • Outer Ethernet header: src is MAC of, dst is MAC of SiteAVtepRouter’s peer
  • Outer IP header: src is, dst is, proto is UDP
  • UDP header: src is hash of inner packet, dst is standard VXLAN port
  • VXLAN header: VNI is 100
  • Inner Ethernet header:

    • src is 16:B7:B5:A4:57:75 (MAC of SiteATenantRouter on SiteAMultiSiteNetwork)
    • dst is 6F:E4:5A:FA:8E:09 (MAC of SiteBTenantRouter on SiteBMultiSiteNetwork)
  • Inner IP header: src is, dst is

Note that SiteATenantRouter’s and SiteBTenantRouter’s IP addresses do not appear in the packet because they are just intermediate routers. However, traceroute from VM to should find these hops:


Traceroute will not detect SiteAVtepRouter or SiteBVtepRouter, which are part of the tunneling infrastructure.

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