Enabling Health Monitoring in a Pool

To enable health monitoring on a pool you can do perform one of the following:

  • Create a health monitor object using the CLI or API server, and set the relevant delay, timeout, and max_retries values (see "Health Monitor" for information).
  • Attach the health monitor object to the pool that you want to be monitored. A single health monitor can be attached to any number of pools, but pools may only have a single health monitor.
  • Set the admin_state_up on the health monitor object to true.

CLI Example

The example below shows how to use the MidoNet CLI to configure health monitoring.

midonet> health-monitor list
midonet> health-monitor create type TCP delay 100 max-retries 50 timeout 500
midonet> load-balancer lb0 pool pool0 set health-monitor hm0
midonet> load-balancer lb0 pool pool0 health-monitor show
hm hm0 delay 100 timeout 500 max-retries 50 state down
midonet> health-monitor hm0 pool list
pool pool0 load-balancer lb0 health-monitor hm0 lb-method ROUND_ROBIN state up
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