Neutron LBaaS Support

Neutron and MidoNet has supported LBaaS for some time, but the first implementation of LBaaS was suboptimal, especially for scaling and performance purposes. Thus, Neutron released a second version of the LBaaS standard, and MidoNet now also supports the newer LBaaS V2 model as well as the older, deprecated LBaaS V1 model.

There have been many changes from LBaaS V1 to V2, so this guide will both cover LBaaS V2 from a fresh-starter perspective, as well as offering guides on using V2 for those familiar with those familiar with V1.

Regarding LBaaS configuration, in order for load balancing to work in terms of a virtually defined network, there must be a route from the network on which the load balancer resides to each individual pool member. This also means no network address translation should be performed in between the load balancer and the pool members. Note that this is a general configuration requirement for load balancing, and not only limited to MidoNet.

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