Neutron LBaaS V1 Specification Support

MidoNet supports the Neutron LBaaS V1 specification (as documented in To set up and use load balancers, users can set up and manipulate load balancers, pools, members, health monitors, etc. via the standard Neutron commands.

MidoNet load balancer limitations

Although MidoNet supports the Neutron LBaaS V1 API, not all Neutron LBaaS features are supported in MidoNet:

  • L7 load balancing is not supported.
  • There are no pool statistics.
  • Only round robin is supported for the load balancer method.
  • The Neutron provider model is not supported (for example, assigning a specific provider for each pool is not supported).
  • Only one health monitor per pool (the first one in the list).
  • Only TCP health check (no UDP, HTTP, also no ICMP/pings).
  • Only Source IP session persistence (no cookie or URL).
  • You cannot associate a floating IP to a virtual IP address (VIP).
  • A VIP must not be on the same subnet as the pool member IF health monitoring is enabled.
  • There is no connection limit.
  • Only TCP load balancing is supported.
  • When using sticky-source IP, directly connecting to the selected back-end host on the same port that is being used by the load balancer is not possible.
  • To use an external network for VIPs, it has to be "shared".
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