Packet Pipeline Metrics

These metrics expose counters and meters for the simulation packet pipeline. The MidoNet Agent exposes certain metrics for each packet worker, where the worker index is included in the metric name. For example, when configuring MidoNet to use two (2) packet workers, the following distinct metrics are available: PacketPipelineHistogram.worker-0.packetsProcessed and PacketPipelineHistogram.worker-1.packetsProcessed.

Global Metrics



The number of allocated packet context. A packet context is an internal variable that tracks the simulation progress for a packet that is being processed. Since each packet context requires a certain amount of memory, the counter reflects the memory consumption of the MidoNet agent when processing the user-space packets.


The number of packet contexts that have been pooled to be reused on subsequent packets.


The number of packet contexts corresponding to packets that are currently simulated in the pipeline.

Packet Worker Metrics



The number of packets on hold, that are waiting for the agent to read the virtual topology data from the Network State Database.


A meter for the packets that were postponed because their corresponding virtual topology devices was not yet available at the agent.


A meter for the packets dropped during simulation. These packets are dropped because the current virtual topology does not allow them to reach their intended destination.


A histogram for the simulation latency of the processed packets. This value is fundamental for network latency.


A histogram for the packet execution latency, which includes sending back a processed packet to the OVS datapath.


A meter for the processed packets that carried flow state data.


A meter for the packet queue overflows.


A gauge for the current datapath flows.


A meter for created datapath flows.


A meter for removed datapath flows.

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