Adding a port to a router

You need to add a port to a router to connect the router to a bridge (network) or another router.


When using the MidoNet CLI, if necessary, use the sett command or some other means to access the desired tenant.

  1. Enter the command to add a port to the desired router and specify the desired IP address and network for the port:

    midonet> router router1 add port addresses

    The above output shows the alias ("port0") assigned to the new port.

  2. Enter the command to list port information for the router:

    midonet> router router1 list port
    port port0 device router1 state up mac 02:a6:81:08:ab:5d addresses

    The above output shows the:

    • Alias assigned to the port ("port0")
    • Device the port is attached to (router1)
    • Port’s state (up)
    • Port’s MAC address
    • Port’s IP and network prefix length
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