Advanced Configuration Options

A complete list of the configuration options (under the agent.minions.flow_state mn-conf key) available for the service is as follows:

NameDefault valueDescription



Whether the FlowState minion will save incoming flow state messages Cassandra.



Whether the FlowState minion will save incoming flow state messages to local storage on the MidoNet Agent.



The value of the UDP and TCP ports used to listen for incoming flow state messages from the parent Agent process through the loopback interface, and flow state transfer requests.



Timeout for TCP requests during flow state exchanges.



The size in bytes of the compressed block for the flow state storage. Changing this has an impact on the amount of memory used as well as the compression ratio achieved by the snappy algorithm. Setting a higher value implies an increased memory usage and potentially a higher compression ratio. Defaults to 256 KB.



The number of allowed blocks of compressed flow state per virtual port. By default, it will use up to 128 MB (512 blocks of 256 KB) per virtual port. It does not pre-allocate blocks so disk space will not be used unless it’s filled with data. With this space, we can hold around 500k messages at a rate of 4k flows per second for a given port (not considering compression).



How long should we keep flow state stored. Flow state entries older than this period of time will be eligible for removal.



The delay between consecutive flow state invalidation tasks that remove and clear the blocks that are older than the expiration time. This task only marks the block headers as invalid if they are expired so the overhead is minimum.



The delay between consecutive runs of the flow state file cleaner task. This is a background task that looks into the current list of flow state files and removes those not being used (written to or reading from). This is a background housekeeping activity to prevent storage from being used needlessly.



The name of the flow state log directory. The MidoNet Agent will write to this directory the records of the current flow state associated to the ports bound to this agent. This directory will be created in /var/db/midolman by default. You can change the location of the base directory by specifying it in the MIDO_DB_DIR environment variable.

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