Adding a second session on the same router port

It may be useful or a good idea to add a second BGP session to this router port if there is a second uplink router available. That has two upsides as the host that owns the port binding for this router port will be able to load balance among both upstream routers and it will not be disconnected if only one of them fails.

To add a second peer to the same router port, you use the same command as for the first peer, adjusting its AS number and IP address. The router port on which MidoNet establishes the BGP session is chosen automatically based on the peer’s IP address.

This will add a second peer to the example above:

midonet> router router0 add bgp-peer asn 64514 address
midonet> router router0 list bgp-peer
peer peer0 asn 64513 address keep-alive 5 hold-time 5 connect-retry 10
peer peer1 asn 64514 address
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