Obtaining a list of VTEPs

Use this command to obtain the list of hardware VTEPs of which MidoNet is aware.


list vtep


For each VTEP, the command returns this information:

  • name
  • description
  • management IP address
  • management port
  • tunnel IP addresses
  • connection state, which indicates the state of the connection between the MidoNet cluster node managing the VTEP and the hardware VTEP, and it can be one of:

    • connected when the cluster node established a connection
    • disconnected when all MidoNet cluster nodes are disconnected from the VTEP, such as when no cluster node has started managing the VTEP or when the VXLAN Gateway service is disabled across all cluster nodes.
    • error when there is a MidoNet cluster node owning and managing the VTEP but establishing a connection to the VTEPs OVSDB database failed.


midonet> list vtep
vtep vtep0 name VTEP-NAME management-ip management-port 6633 connection-state connected
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