Chapter 16. Setting up an L2 gateway

This section describes how to set up an L2 gateway between MidoNet’s virtual bridges and physical switches.


This feature is not currently implemented in OpenStack Neutron. Therefore, you cannot use an L2 gateway to extend a MidoNet network (or bridge) to a Neutron bridge.


You can configure MidoNet’s bridge virtual ports with a single VLAN ID, thereby introducing a change in the behavior of the processing of VLAN-tagged frames.

This guide refers to a bridge that owns one or more VLAN-configured ports as a "VLAN Aware Bridge" or VAB. A VAB may contain multiple virtual ports configured with a VLAN ID, but these tags must be unique in the VAB. A VAB may contain any number of trunk ports (that is, ports configured to support VLAN trunk links), but only one of the ports is expected to be active, according to the high-availability mechanism.

This guide refers to any bridge that has no virtual ports configured with a VLAN ID as a "VLAN Unaware Bridge" or VUB. VUBs may only have one virtual port linked to a VAB.

The diagram below depicts a typical L2 gateway topology.


Figure 16.1. Topology with VLANs and L2 Gateway

l2 gateway topology

The VAB in this example has two trunk ports that are bound to physical interfaces (either on the same or different physical hosts). Each of these ports has L2 connectivity to physical switches and may carry VLAN-tagged traffic.

The VAB also has two other virtual ports, both configured with different VLAN-IDs. These virtual ports are linked to peers at two VUBs (VUB-8 and VUB-5), which in turn are linked to two VMs through two virtual ports each.

The VAB examines the VLAN tags of all traffic ingressing from the two trunk ports. For frames tagged with the same VLAN-ID as any of its other virtual ports (in the example, 5 or 8), the VAB removes the VLAN-ID and sends the frames to the appropriate port. For frames ingressing the VAB from a virtual port configured with a VLAN-ID, the VAB adds the corresponding VLAN-ID to the frames, and then sends the frames to the appropriate trunk port according to the bridge’s MAC-port table.


Neutron networks can only be mapped to the VUBs, so the VMs linked to the VABs are managed outside of OpenStack. This means that IP address management in Neutron cannot be used for the VMs on VABs.

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