Agent behavior on node failure

The MidoNet Agent writes to Cassandra asynchronously after processing a packet that produced stateful connection data, such as NAT mappings or connection tracking keys.

The data written to Cassandra is purely a back up, as MidoNet agents share all stateful connection data directly amongst themselves. The back up is used upon agent reboot (to prevent lost connections across the reboot) and upon port migration. An agent binding a port will fetch the existing connection state from Cassandra for all connections traversing that port.

Should a Cassandra node fail, agents connected to it will fail over to other nodes in the Cassandra cluster. If the host tries to bind a port during that interval it may fail to fetch the state for the port, breaking pre-existing connections on that port. Additionally, state for flows processed during that interval may not be written to Cassandra, making it unavailable if it’s needed later in the process of binding a port. State is refreshed every minute, thus a port migration would only break connections that were established in the minute prior to the port migration and only if the disconnection happened in that interval.

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