Chapter 28. Working with the MidoNet CLI

You can explore and edit all of MidoNet’s virtual topology through the CLI, however, you should use write operations with caution, as they are likely to create inconsistencies between MidoNet’s idea of the virtual network and OpenStack’s view of it.


When using MidoNet with OpenStack, please be careful not to introduce inconsistencies between OpenStack and MidoNet virtual topologies.

With that warning in mind, there are certain tasks for which the CLI can be particularly useful:

  • Creating an Edge Router
  • Setting up the cloud’s up-link using the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP)
  • Upgrading MidoNet
  • Registering MidoNet Agents
  • Setting up an L2 gateway
  • Troubleshooting problems with the MidoNet API. Because the CLI uses the MidoNet API directly, it’s the easiest way to make requests to it to verify that it works.
  • Viewing and exploring MidoNet’s virtual topology and the status and network addresses of all hosts running the MidoNet agent
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