Using the MidoNet CLI

To use the MidoNet CLI you need to connect to the MidoNet host running it.

  1. Using SSH to connect to the host running the MidoNet CLI.

    You must know the IP address of the machine you are connecting to as well as your login credentials, that is your username and password. Example of an SSH command:

    $ ssh root@
    root@'s password:

    You have already provided your username, 'root' as part of the command, and now the server is prompting you for a password. Type in your password to get in.

  2. The CLI is documented in a set of man pages. To view the man pages, from the system command line, enter:

    $ man midonet-cli
  3. To start the midonet-cli, at the system prompt, enter:

    $ midonet-cli

    The midonet> prompt that gets displayed indicates system readiness to accept MidoNet commands. Type in help and hit Enter to get a list of all available commands. You can also infer proper usage and syntax from context-aware auto-complete and by using the describe command.

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