VXLAN Gateway high availability (VTEP side, active-passive mode)

MidoNet supports VTEP HA by using two ToR VTEPs, both connected to each host in the rack with an active-passive configuration.

There are two possible failure scenarios:

  • The active link from a host is lost. The passive link will take over, so traffic from the host will now flow through the other VTEP and its MACs will be learned there.
  • A VTEP dies. Any host whose active link connects to this VTEP will now move to the passive link, with the same result: MACs and IPs migrate to a different VTEP.

MAC migrations will be applied from the VxLAN Gateway Service as soon as the OVSDB notifies about them, the new MacLocations will be propagated to VTEPs and NSDB, and traffic from agents and other VTEPs will now flow through the new VTEP.


Figure 15.1. VTEP HA

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