Chapter 15. VXLAN configuration

MidoNet supports the Virtual Extensible LAN (VXLAN) technology.

What is VXLAN?

VXLAN is a network virtualization technology that uses a VLAN-like encapsulation technique to encapsulate MAC-based OSI layer 2 Ethernet frames within layer 3 UDP packets.

This type of encapsulation (Ethernet-in-IP) is much better suited to Software Defined Networks than either VLANs (802.1q) or even stacked VLANs (Q-in-Q).

Another important advantage of VXLAN over traditional VLAN is its 24-bit VXLAN ID thanks to which VXLAN can scale up to over 16 million logical networks. By comparison - the maximum number of VLANs is 4096.

How is VXLAN supported in MidoNet?

MidoNet provides VXLAN implementation through:

  • VXLAN Gateway, to bridge the overlay with physical L3 hosts in the underlay.
  • VXLAN tunneling between MidoNet hosts.
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